Renter Sentiment Map

The UK’s first publicly available interactive Renter Sentiment Map. Each dot represents a renter’s opinion. 

All personally identifiable information has been removed to protect the renters and their accommodation providers. Each dot on the map is an area representation within 0.5 miles. If you feel that you can be personally identified via this interactive map or have any questions about it's inegrity, please email [email protected] and we'll do what's necessary to address your concerns.

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By asking renters to score their renting experience out of ten, the Index identifies where in the UK renters are most and least happy with their renting experiences. This is then converted into classification weightings using the Net Promoter Score system. 

Best and worst places to rent in the UK

Net Promoter Scores by region

NPS is a method used to display the weighting of promoters and detractors within a customer-base. To view the complete NPS breakdown, download our Renter Sentiment Index.

What might you pay more rent for?

We asked renters what would encourage them to pay more rent. This allowed us to analyse the importance of amenities for renters. You can view the regional breakdown of these amenities in the Renter Sentiment Index.

The Renter Sentiment Index